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Offering Comprehensive Construction Help

Whether you are running a construction company or selecting one to build your project, it is a complicated business. There can be a lot of entities involved in the successful completion of every project. At Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP, you won’t waste time educating your lawyer about your industry.

John Davagian has over 30 years of experience in the construction business and can assist your business with everything from contract formation to dispute resolution. Contact our Massachusetts construction lawyers today.

From Contracts To Disputes, We Can Make A Difference

We can help your construction company with all your legal needs. When you are entering into a new project, we can help you make sure you are getting everything you are looking for in your contracts. If a dispute has arisen on your current project, we will make sure your rights are protected. When you want legal counsel, we can help with:

  • Appeals: An appeal can be a daunting process, particularly after trial in a complex construction dispute. We bring our practical experience in handling matters before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Appeals Court, Appellate Division of the District Court and the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to get the results you expect with the efficiency that you need.
  • Contract drafting: When it comes to construction contracts, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so make certain that your contracts are drafted to protect your interests.
  • Contract disputes and issues: If there is a misunderstanding as to the terms in your contract, it may very well lead to a dispute. We will help you make sure you get everything you were expecting.
  • Construction litigation: Sometimes latent physical conditions, unanticipated events or other unforeseen circumstances can derail an entire project and result in serious disagreements among the project team members.
  • Home improvement construction: The laws and regulations regarding home improvement are different from normal construction law.
  • Marine/waterfront construction: The issues surrounding waterfront construction can be particularly complicated.
  • Deep foundations and differing subsurface conditions: Have unforeseen subsurface conditions delayed your project and resulted in thousands of dollars in cost overruns?
  • Construction bond claims and mechanic’s lien issues: When you aren’t getting paid for your work, a mechanic’s lien or bond claim can help protect and secure your rights.
  • Real estate development/zoning: Are you aware of all the zoning law requirements that impact your new development project?
  • Commercial law and business law: From business and contract formation to sale or dissolution, we can help you run an efficient business.
  • Requesting equitable adjustments: Let us help you adjust the price to reflect what is fair.
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Personal injury
  • Commercial and residential landlord / tenant

Contact Our Middlesex County Law Firm

We assist a variety of clients, from private owners, real estate developers and general contractors to construction retailers and engineers, when they desire legal representation. When you have a question about your construction project, we can help. Contact our attorneys today: Call 978-791-3750 or send us an email.