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Real Legal Help With Contract Issues

The more complicated your construction project is, the more contracts you will have. The more contracts you have, the more likely you are to have a contract dispute. It can be hard to keep all parts running smoothly, but when there is a bump in the road, you want to take care of it quickly and efficiently, for the good of the project as a whole. At the law offices of Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP, we can help.

Common Construction Contract Disputes

There are a number of problems that can be at the foundation of any contract dispute. Most commonly they arise when two parties disagree as to the terms and conditions specified within the contract. One side may feel that they are not getting the financial consideration they deserve, while another side may not feel they have received the work they contracted to have done. When the future of your project hangs in the balance, you want to move forward and protect your rights. We provide counsel for a variety of businesses involved in construction:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Developers
  • Owners
  • Engineers

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whether you are involved in a complex or simple contract dispute, litigation is not always the most successful form of resolution. You may just complicate a simple case by taking it to court. A complex case, on the other hand, can be tied up forever as the details are explained to the jury. In addition to our litigation experience, we provide our clients with representation in arbitration, mediation, and negotiation.

Contact Our Lawyers

Whether you are looking to divide your business or you are not getting everything you are entitled to, we can help with your contract disputes. At the Sudbury law offices of Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP, our Massachusetts attorneys have been involved in the construction business for over 30 years. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. To reach us, please call 978-791-3750 or send us an email.