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Disputes that develop during the course of construction projects are inevitable, given the number of interested parties and the often complicated convergence of applicable state and federal laws. If these disputes are not handled properly, they can cause major delays, costing your business time and money.

Contact us at Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP to schedule a consultation with a trusted and experienced Boston-area construction litigation lawyer. Enlisting the help of an attorney experienced in the construction industry will eliminate time wasted on having to explain the tricks of the trade to the person representing your case.

Is Litigation The Only Viable Option?

Sometimes it is simply impossible to come to an agreement for a construction-related conflict through mediation or arbitration. Under these circumstances, concern for the success of your project and company may give you no choice but to pursue litigation.

Discovery — the method by which your attorneys uncover information that may be relevant to your dispute — is extremely important in construction litigation. The information uncovered during discovery in a construction dispute is likely to get very technical and complicated.

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When it is not possible to reach a resolution of your disputes through mediation or arbitration, the attorneys at Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP will use their extensive experience working in the construction industry to ensure that your rights are protected at trial.

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