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Requests For Equitable Adjustments In Price

It is common for construction projects to be paid by one lump sum, that is, one price for the entire job. But when the project changes in a substantial way, the compensation should change too, whether that results in a refund or an additional payment.

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Requesting The Full Amount Of Money You Deserve

When the scope or nature of your contracted-for work changes to become more complicated, it is necessary to seek a request for equitable adjustment so that you are fairly compensated for your work.

For example, an increase or decrease in the quantity of units produced may justify an adjustment in the unit price paid: It can be much more costly (per unit) to produce 10 units than 100. The same process can also be used to decrease the level of payment when the scope or nature of the work lessens, as it can be less costly (per unit) to produce 200 units than 100 due to the learning curve that comes with producing a higher number of units.

Normally, under these circumstances, the parties begin by trying to negotiate a change in payment. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to reach an agreement on either the need for compensation itself or the amount to be paid, and a dispute arises over these issues.

When you are involved in a construction law dispute, you want a lawyer who truly understands the challenges specific to Massachusetts construction law and construction industry practices, such as the calculations used to find the cost of project delay or acceleration.

Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP will represent you in mediation/arbitration or construction litigation to request an equitable adjustment, when it becomes necessary. Generally, this kind of process is provided for in construction contracts.

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