Home Improvement Can Be Complex

You may think you can approach a simple case of home improvement just as you would approach a major construction project. However, in Massachusetts, that is not the case. There are regulations that apply specifically to home improvement construction. At the Greater Boston law firm of Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP, we can help you make sure you are following correct procedures.

Consumer Protection Law

In Massachusetts there is a home improvement contractor statute that protects the rights of consumers. It requires all contractors and subcontractors to meet very specific regulations. The two main factors of this consumer protection law are:

  • Registration: In order to do home improvement, a contractor must be registered to do so in Massachusetts. We can help you through the mandatory registration process.
  • Written Contracts: All home improvement work must have a contract in writing. These contracts must contain certain clauses, among them a payment schedule and a schedule of work. The contractor's registration must be displayed in the contract as well.

Protecting Contractors And Homeowners

At Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP, we represent the interests of both homeowners and contractors. These disputes arise most often out of simple miscommunication. It is important to remember that the two parties involved in a dispute have the same goal: They both want the successful completion of the project. It is just a matter of figuring out what that will require. We can help you resolve your home improvement construction dispute.


In Massachusetts there is a public arbitration board that handles dispute resolution in home improvement cases. You can also decide to arbitrate privately. We are equipped to handle either type of arbitration. Whatever the case, alternative dispute resolution often yields better and quicker results than litigation.

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